Keynote speaker

Keynote Speaker

The role of a Keynote Speaker is often misunderstood as getting a “hired gun” to come in, make everyone laugh, have themreflect and envision the future, get them motivated, encouraged and inspired – all in 45 minutes and … Out the door.

While those are all great things to do and experience, getting there, and getting it right, requires an ability to connect with the audience and communicate the message of the organization. After all, you don’t just want to make people feel good. You want to give them something they can use and apply. You want to add value to your people so they in turn can add value to others.

For this reason, we meet prior to your event to discuss the vision and purpose of the event, what is your goal for your organization and how can we help communicate that. Are there any hot topics that need to be addressed? We then customize a presentation to meet your needs and goals.

As the CEO of Carlson Manufacturing, Inc., Warren understands the best results come from high performing teams working together towards the goal.

We take pride in serving our clients and by adding value to them and their teams.

If you have an event and are in need of a keynote speaker, give Warren a call.  He would be glad to talk to you.

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